What a Successful Rigger Knows

Specific items of knowledge required of a Rigger have been covered in previous articles in this space. To quickly review these, a Rigger must know:

  • How to determine a load's weight
  • How to determine a load's center of gravity 
  • How to select proper sling and rigging hardware
  • The effect of sling angles 
  • The proper methods of safe load securing
  • How to select proper hitches and their applications
  • Standard hand and voice signal communications
  • How to inspect rigging equipment

In addition to these topics, there exists areas of general knowledge that compliment the well-rounded Rigger. Successful Riggers will possess some knowledge in all of the following areas:

  • Enhanced safety practices and procedures that cover all possibly encountered situations ◦ The proper use, maintenance, and repair of hand and power tools (and machines) that may be encountered during rigging projects
  • The ability to read and correctly interpret technical drawings and diagrams associated with lift projects
  • The appreciation and understanding of the characteristics and applications of differing
  • materials, both those lifted as well as those used during the course of lifting
  • Basic knowledge of arithmetic and geometry
  • Basic knowledge in how products, tools, and equipment are designed and manufactured

The importance of specifically related hands-on rigging experience has been covered in previous articles in this space. Rigger specific experience can be gained through on-the-job training and formal apprenticeships. However, successful Riggers must gain additional experience (and retained knowledge) through:

  • interpersonal skills by working with customers and the public
  • interpersonal skills by working with associates such as engineers and planners
  • scheduling and logistics planning such as transportation requirements
  • financial (cost and monetary) aspects of projects via profit and loss events
  • legal aspects of projects through contracts and agreements